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Definitive Fungal Nail Repair Pen

Watch Your Nail Fungus Vanish With The Internets Most Powerful Natural Nail Repair Cream.

Onychomycosis, commonly known as a “fungal infection of the nail”, is a nasty condition often exhibited by discolored yellowish, thickened nails. The infected nail is often separated from the nail bed. This condition is often embarrassing and takes a toll on anyone’s overall confidence.

The 100% Herbal Repair Pen is designed to kill fungus and eliminate fungal infections, redness, rashes, dryness and irritation. Containing Angelica Extract - a traditional plant which brings powerful anti-inflammatory analgesic effects.

This herbal remedy has been refined to produce an easy to use applicator pen with the concentrated benefits of medicines traditionally used for centuries. Within just a few days, the shiny natural appearance of the nail will return. Your brittle and fragile nails will regain elasticity, developing a beautiful natural shine.


💫 100% Natural - no harsh chemicals which can irritate the fungal outbreak.
💫 Unique Nail Penetrating Formula.
💫 Restores Brittle, Crumbly or even Ragged Nails to their Natural Shape and Texture.
💫 Restore the nails dark colour caused by debris build up back to a pinkish shine.
💫 Eliminates the odour caused by fungal build-up of the affected nail.


🌟 Step 1) Clean the feet with warm water and allow them to dry naturally.
🌟 Step 2) Shake the bottle and brush an even coat onto the effected area.
🌟 Step 3) Allow the herbal remedy to act on your nails for 10 minutes before touching.
🌟 Step 4) Reapply twice per day, once before bed, for maximum results.


✅ Content - 15g
✅ Main Ingredients - Glycerin, wheat protein, angelica extract.
✅ External use only.
✅ Keep out of reach of children.