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Nasal Aspirator For Baby

New Born Baby Safety Nose Cleaner Vacuum Suction Nasal Aspirator Bodyguard Flu Protection Accessories BM
This baby nose cleaner, is perfect for your baby. This Nasal Aspirator For Baby with front-end spherical design, do not hurt the baby's nasal mucosa. Easy to disassemble, clean, and disinfect all parts.

can adjust the size of suction, easy to clean snivel, difficult to inhale into your mouth. the front-end spherical design, not easy to damage the baby\\'s nasal mucosa. each component is easy to disassemble and clean disinfected.



  • Age: over 0 age
  • Heat Resistance: -20 Celsius~110 Celsius;
  • Material: PP+Silicone+ABS
  • Size: Silicone tube: 20 cm, Bottle : 3 x 4.2cm





Put the side of conical nose cleaner gently placed into the baby nose , the other end into mouth to suck out the dirt, repeated several times until the clean up.
Please disassemble clean and disinfect after using in a cool dry place.




1. If baby nasal have injury, swelling and other situation. Do not use.
2. Keep out of reach of the baby, to avoid accidents.


  • 1 x Nose cleaner