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Pure Pearl Anti Wrinkle Cream

BIOAQUA Snail Deep Moisturizing Face Cream Hydrating Anti Wrinkle Anti-Aging Whitening Day Cream

Pure Pearls Anti Wrinkle Cream, the best anti aging cream with natural anti-wrinkle ingredients creates the conduction effect and improves skin's ability to retain elasticity.
This skin care routine helps to absorb active herbal ingredients, ensures a long-term moisturizing effect, helps to regenerate skin cells, protects the skin from wrinkle formation, forehead wrinkles and slows theaging process.It's perfect for anyone looking to combat signs of aging by reducing and preventing the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, crow's feet, and smile lines.


    •  Hydrating Moisturizing & Nourishing
    • The skin is moist and smooth.



    hydrate & moisturize,relenish the moisture,improve and nourish dry skin


    • Natural moisturizing hydrating
    • Nourishing & moist tenderly nourish  make skin dilicate  hydrate and moisturize    nourish skin    firming skin  
    • The skin is glowing and moist


    • moisturizing & hydrating   the pearl distillate cares the skin hydrate      
    • Improve skin drynesss,  nourish and absorb water deeply
    • Hydrating & moisturizing   make skin bright and smooth
    • The skin is moistened and tender
    • Mild care
    •  Hydrolytic pearl distillate
    •  hydrate and moisturize   make skin dilicate & nourish   The skin is glowing and mois    Mild care 
    • Nourishingly care less moistened skin.
    • Hydrating & moisturizing  nourishing
    • Pearl   !Skin with abundant hydro is moisture.


    • Beauty's skin protection show
    • keep skin moisture and smooth
    •  hydrating & moisturizing  Moisture and smooth
    •  hydrate skin   mild nourishing
    After facial cleaning, apply the proper amount evenly to the face and neck. Massage until absorption twice a day
    • Clean face        
    • Apply proper cream over face evenly by hands or cottoon wool    Pat gently until absorbed
    Warm tips
    • Propose using in the morning and evening. After continuous using, the skin will show a dramatic improvement.


    Package Contents:
    • 1 x Pure Pearl Anti Wrinkle Cream (30g)