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#1 Anti Theft Backpack - USB External Charging


Anti-Theft Backpack

A backpack that has USB Charging Port that can change the way you go out with your belongings. It has external built-in USB that offers convenient charging for your electronic devices anywhere. If you're away for business, school, weekend getaways, traveling or outdoor activities, the Anti-Thief Backpack will guard your things for you.

About Anti-Theft Backpack
It features an anti-thief design with hidden zippers and layers of cut-resistant 600D polyester, protecting your valuables from thief. Pickpockets will even find it difficult to slice through the backpack with a penknife.

In addition, the backpack is water-resistant so you no longer have to worry about splashes. Finally, its 6mm anti-shock foam makes it shockproof, protecting your valuable laptop or electronic devices from damage.

It has more than 10 compartments that offers segregated storage for your laptop, tablet, passport, pens, notebooks, keys, wallets, watches, power bank, books, clothes, umbrella, water-bottle, subway card and more.


Its genius lies in the hidden zipper that is fully hidden in the back of the bag. No thief will be able to find the opening of your bag, and thus the way to your belongings.
Public transportation card pocket in the front
Avoids daily troubles

Hidden pockets in the sides and the back
Four your valuables such as: wallet, passport, phone ect.
You can grab your belongings without taking off your backpack


The bag is designed with 300D/600D
6 mm anti-shock foam
Making the font and sides for the
backpack both cut-proof
Cut-proof PP Protection board

Nigh Security

The reflective bars on the back and sides of the bag will make sure you travel safely during the NIGHT.

USB External Charging

The bag includes an integrated USB charging port. Simply connect the powerbank from the inside and charge your mobile device.

Weight Balance

The Backpack is designed to relief the weight
pushing down on your shoulders when wearing it.

This because the weight is learning closely to your back.

By 20% - 25%

You don't have to worry about bending
over and hurting your waist anymore.

Water Resistant

Selected fabric, exquisite design

The front and bottom of the backpack are made from re-used PU material

Don't worry about rain or water accidents, just wipe with a cloth and your backpack will look brand new.

Anti Sweat and Air Permeability

Comfortable and Ventilate

A combination of multi-layer materials, including both anti-sweat & air permeability fabrics. 20 mm spongy layer, lithe and comfortable.

Since the weight leans firmly against your back, the weight is evenly distributed and your bag will feel 20%-25% lighter than traditional backpacks.